Chatterbox in Covina has comedy Shows on Sunday and Thursday nights, and an open mic on Mondays. I hang around a lot, so sometimes they have me do a set at the show or guest host on the mic.  It's cool! Anyway this review has been really hard for me to write.  Mostly because I date one of the hosts of the Sunday night Chatterbox Comedy Night, and have spent some time smooching in the hallway outside this bathroom.  Ive had so much fun at the show, and it was one of the first places to have me do time, how will I ever be impartial? Easy.  I won't.  One time my boyfriend insisted on pulling me into the bathroom to try to make out and stuff. I kept saying no and he kept insisting, then I finally agreed while saying "FINE. Ugh!" to Julia Loken who was standing outside.  And then nothing even ended up happening lol! Would like to thank my bad attitude for cockblocking me from making out in a bar restroom. Another time, the other host of the show came up to me about a half hour before showtime and said "I really gotta take a dump, I'm going in the girls." and then walked off. I dno if he was joking. He works there so I guess that's his prerogative. He is a cool guy too, he was one of the first people in LA to book me on shit and help me out (thx Steve) Big Hern, they call him.  Anyway, you're going to need to use the restroom there.  Travis who works on Sunday nights is known for his heavy pour.  You'll be using the facilities.  So what can you expect?  Expect to wait probably just a little bit.  One or maybe two girls in front of you unless its a really good comic on stage. Like Morgan Jay, the girls love him there.  If you really need to go, go during Morgan's set.  It will be empty.  One time this girl in the bathroom after Morgan's set was like "DID YOU SEE THAT GUY WITH THE GUITAR? OH MY GOSH." and then clutched her heart and swooned, I'm not even kidding.  This is another one of those dual-room bathrooms, how are we feeling about these, guys?  I don't know about 'em yet.  Would love the readers' feedback.  Anyway it has two doors.  The first room is just a mirror and a room, the second room contains the loo and washroom, and the second door does lock, though the first doesn't.  Which is how it should be, probably.  It bothers me that there's no mirror in the second room.  I don't know why, it just feels like there should be mirror in both rooms.  I'm grasping at straws here.  There's not much to complain about.  It's clean, always works.  One time Travis found a woman's cell phone that got flushed down the toilet.  That was really funny.  Who flushes a phone? haha. People are stupid.  Anyway it's a cool bathroom and the light haired Sunday night host with those bedroom eyes, he really kills me.  Funny and cute. BACK OFF OTHER LADIES Have sat down here without a liner, won't admit it in person.

"During the show don't talk in the hallway of the ladies' room or inside the men's.  It echoes.  I've seen marriages ruined" -Steve Big Hern Get Em Again Hernandez 

recently there was a problem with the soap dispenser and there was a creative solution. I think we can do better than a squeeze bottle y'all!

Give it a squeeze  

Give it a squeeze  

4/5 smiling poops