The bathroom at flappers is in an interesting location, off the side of the Yoo-hoo room or the back exit of the main room. Mainly I like flappers for one reason, and that reason is Flappy hour. I don’t know what any of the drink specials are and I rarely drink there, but I think the idea of just calling something flappy hour is the funniest thing that’s ever happened in the building, and I’m pretty sure Bill Burr performs there. While I’m no longer a Flappers regular, and not a huge fan of the bringer-show model for comedy clubs, flappers gets point for hilarity by adding “flair” to their employee’s outfits and venue’s walls. The Yoo-Hoo room (Yoo-hoo, I mean !!!) is stacked top-to-toe with what appears to be old bottles and glasses that the restaurant can no longer use. The stage is so crowded with this junk that I can’t even imagine a big guy like Steve Hernandez attempting one of his classic act outs in the Yoo-Hoo room. The walls outside the Yoo-hoo are very Bucca-di-Beppo-esque, and the servers are encouraged to wear unfortunate 1920s/TIGFridays code of dress. I’m talkin flapper headbands, fedoras, fringe, a feather in their cap, strings of pearl necklaces. Last I performed there for Kristal Adams’ Cookies and Sweatpants show which was AWESOME. Free cookies! Go to it. Kristal is a great host and I got to wear sweats! Great crowd. There’s a main room (p standard) and a bar area (martini with red vine in it, anyone? I mean LOL HILARIOUS 🙄), but I digress. The loo. I’ve had a hard time writing this review because I want to make sure it is inclusive! The ladies’ at Flappers boasts a few stalls, plenty of tp, liners and soap that smells like a hospital. Basically it has all the goods. When you walk in the word WOMEN is printed on a frosted window in the door. When you exit, the word MEN is printed on the door side in matching font. You can still see the WOMEN printed through the glass though. I mean WHAT A GAG 🙄. Does the Men’s restroom have this same joke? Would love to know. Now, I thought about this long and hard and I don’t think this is a joke at the expense of anyone (would love to know your thoughts if you think otherwise). I think it’s supposed to just make you think that you went into the “wrong” restroom (is there really any wrong restroom? I don’t think so). It’s supposed to make you think you went into the restroom that was not the one you feel comfortable in. I don’t think flappers is trying to oppress people based on any gender binary norms. It is, however, a mediocre joke at best, especially with the print visible through the window. If it was a real prank, I’d like to see people running outside and checking the door, unsure from the inside. If it makes anyone feel uncomfortable, it’s definitely not worth it. As a cis straight woman, I don’t know if it makes people feel uncomfortable or not. Please LMK your thoughts. Maybe this is some rogue joke of Uncle Clyde’s, gone wrong. Maybe this is oppression of the trans community. Maybe you can win a basket of fries if you bring 12 people and they all buy two items, and maybe that’s the greatest crime of them all.