Coldtowne Theater- Austin Texas

The bathroom at Coldtowne is out of the way of the theater which I so appreciate. There are also two doors into the theater to control noise. It was clean and full of plants. I was so excited to provide Coldtowne theater with the highest rank- 5 poop emojis- because I was having such a pleasant time in Austin, the show was great, and I had been drinking for four days straight. Then something unusual happened. The very next night, I visited another comedy venue just to WATCH. Crazy, I know. I hadn't even planned on using the restroom. This restroom not only unseated Coldtowne as the highest ranking bathroom for a comedy venue in Austin, It unseated its LA counterparts. Please check out my next review (out tomorrow) for more information.

as for Coldtowne, I highly enjoyed your bathroom and I'm really sorry to have to downrank you for this prestigious honor due to this unforeseen event. Four poop emojis.