Meltdown comics has two bathrooms.  I use the comic book store one because of the reasons listed below.  I don't know if the comic book store one counts as a comedy bathroom, though.  

One time I was at a show at Meltdown, lets call the show Tuck of the Bra, and I was there and I really needed to pee.  I think it was someone on stage that was doing ok but was mean to one of my friends so I was like "MEH, now seems like a good time to go!"  Apparently other people had a similar vibe of the comic on stage because as I walked into the bathroom YET ANOTHER PERSON IN THERE DIDN'T LOCK THE DOOR.  This time it was Michael Monsour and I'm only willing to call him out on it because he is Arab and from Texas like me.  Also because he blocked the door from opening fully and I didn't see anything. 

Here's the lesson, folks, LOCK THE FUCKING DOOR.  How about that? I went in after Michael and guess what the first thing I did was?  YOU'RE GODDAMN RIGHT IT WAS LOCKING THE DOOR.

Do guys WANT to be walked in on? Is this a new form of sexual harassment ala Harvey Weinstein? Am I just mentioning this to get more clicks on my blog? (yes) Do they think its like an airplane bathroom that if you just leave the door unlocked maybe there is the chance of having some random sex in there?? I don't know!!  What I do know is I peed as fast as possible and then went outside to wash my hands.  I'm not a huge fan of the hand washing thing being outside of the bathroom, I like putting on lipstick and stuff after I wash my hands.  Also, I'm not a huge fan of hearing people wash their hands during someone's set.  But I guess the bathroom is FINE

You can use the one in the store, which is also like FINE except that there's a sign right before you go in that says "Smile you're on camera" and I know its because comic books are stolen often or whatever, but like it really makes me feel like they are watching me when I pee, and when I pee I usually get fully naked so I don't really want them watching me.  

Anyway, I was kind of drunk when I wrote this one, I dno what poo rating to give