Improv Space

The improv space has a bathroom but it is the worst offender of the "behind the performer" phenomenon we explore here at Bathroom Humor. It's not only behind the performer, but actually backstage behind the curtain.  You'd have to get on stage to get to the bathroom, so you either have to run up while someone is doing an intro, in between comics, or right after someone finishes, which are all different ways of describing that same, very brief period of time when it would be most appropriate to run up there.  I used to perform on a weekly team at the Improv Space so I know that sometimes if you go around, they leave the backdoor open and you can avoid interrupting someone.  If you don't know about that, it's doubly as embarrassing to try to come back from behind the curtain after you've used the restroom.  Mostly, you're going to want to use the bathroom before or after the mic, or directly after your set and like, idk, announce it on stage or something so that people expect it, or you can run next door to in-n-out and use their restroom.  I use this option a lot actually because of an incident that happened at the improv space restroom.  I will say before I explain the incident that I think they've done some re-modeling and I don't know what the situation is like now but I know the restroom is still in the same location, and I doubt they've done a ton of work to prevent this type of incident from happening. Anyway here goes, One day I was going to the open mic and I was rushing, because I had to get to the bathroom before the mic started for the reasons I've already stated above ad nauseam. I rushed backstage and opened the door to find a male open micer taking a number two in the bathroom.  I know it was a number two because he was seated and I would just like to say, who the hell goes poo and doesn't lock the door? SERIOUSLY.  It's disgusting.  I'm sure he was embarrassed and he doesn't ever look me in the eye since but that is all HIS DOING.  Like literally lock the door what the hell is wrong with you? I know the lock is small and hard to find but like if you're about to poop just double and triple check until you find it I mean MY GOD. Other than that terrifying incident, the bathroom is fine, but for some reason they are always out of ONE thing.  It's usually NBD because it's like if there's no TP there's at least a paper towel or something you can use, but honestly, just keep it stocked, really.  No one wants to wipe with a paper towel.  We all have to do it once in a while but, you know, keep an eye on it.  Overall, I can't, in good consciousness, be a fair and impartial reviewer of this bathroom because of the atrocity that happened to me there.  I wanted to warn people about door-locking habits and let everyone know what they can do to avoid this in the future.  LOCK THE DOOR OR GO TO IN N OUT.  I wouldn't sit down here having seen what has happened here.  TBH I usually just go to in n out now because I'm triggered.  Good Luck and happy peein'.