Downtown Independent

The Downtown independent is a movie theater that hosts the gentlemen of "Sleepaway Camp."  It's a pretty high profile show, they usually always have people from TV.  They let me do it once, super cool of them.  It's four guys, Ryan Shumaker, Doug Freedman, Austin Wolf-Southern, and Travis Rust.  They are funny and they do little video bits and things in between comics.  It's really cool how they use the whole space given that it's a movie theater.  People are threatening that it might get demolished.  I don't think it will.  Anyway it had some heat on it so I'm reviewing to try to increase my viewership.  I'm pretty smart like that.  I digress. Herein lies the struggle with reviewing this and many other bathrooms.  Should I review it as a movie theater or as a comedy venue?  To this point I have treated all the open mic and show bathrooms as just that.  Hence, Lotto Grotto with the automatic five smiling poop review (to revisit my review of lotto grotto please visit ).  This bathroom in particular though, is kind of a special case.  You see, for a comedy venue bathroom, it is very very nice.  There are plenty of stalls to be used, though sometimes a few of them are shut down.  One time I went there I actually think there were only one or two stalls working.  Which, for a movie theater, not great, everyone gets out at the same time and there's always a ton of people in the bathroom.  But for a comedy venue, people sneak out to grab a beer in between comics (I SAID IN BETWEEN PLEASE DON'T LEAVE DURING MY SET IT WILL HAUNT ME FOREVER), and they can use the bathroom at that juncture.  There's not as much of an "outflux" (a word I just made up, opposite of influx), out of the theater and towards the loo.  Also comedy shows tend to be shorter than movies.  So yes it is a great comedy show bathroom.  It is also not a great bathroom for a movie theater.  The amount of space between the stall door and the floor is too much for me.  There are always all the things you need every time I've used it, enough tp and toilet seat covers.  The automatic water thing lasts a little too long for me and we are in a drought.  At least I don't feel disgusting inside there.  I'm really torn on this one.  It just seems hard.  I guess I'll have to say, I've been reviewing these venues as comedy bathrooms.  So I guess this one is a good one.


3/5 smiling poops