Glendora Continental

Glendora Continental hosts one of my favorite open mics.  It is on Wednesdays and it is run by Julia Loken, who is a dear friend and incredible comic/host.  The reason this mic is the best, aside from the host, is because of the real people that sit in the crowd.   They might not be there the entire mic, but they are there most of the time and generally pay attention.  This open mic is more similar to out of town open mics, or even some bar shows.  That means, better.  You get more stage time and you have to try if you want people to laugh.  It's not like some of the LA ones where people will laugh if you're not being funny, just because they kind of know you.  The kind of thing that will not get a laugh here is if you end softly and then comment about it, sarcastically saying something like, "Yeah, they always say, end on a big lull" or "I like to go out on an awkward note."  Real people can smell what you're doing, and they don't like it (neither do we, here at Bathroom Humor).  Also, there's the chance that you walk away with $20.  THAT is cool.  Money for doing a mic? DOPE.  Anyway I guess I have to talk about the bathroom.  It's tucked away in the back in some hallway, and it always feels kind of lonely going back there.  There are two stalls, one is handicap accessible, which we love here at Bathroom Humor.  The other though is small AF.  I'm a bigger gal so it is hard for me and my purse to both fit inside. No purse hooks, come on, what is this the year 2000 in Nordstrom where someone was purse napping from women who hung their purses on the hooks?  It sometimes smells like menthol in there and I'm not sure why.  Maybe to cover up smells or maybe it just smells like that. One sink.  Always clean.  I want to give it three smiling poops but because it's my fave mic, four.  See, I can do whatever I want here!