Lisa Chanoux feat. Oft-Blogged-About Vest

Lisa Chanoux feat. Oft-Blogged-About Vest



"Great set!" - people after Lisa Chanoux's set.


Fidel Chanoux, Dog




Lisa Chanoux is an Arab-American writer and stand up comedian. She is no stranger to clubs or alternative shows, and has performed all over the U.S. including the Improv, Comedy Store, Punchline, Laugh Factory, Zanies, Dynasty Typewriter, UCB, etc. On screen, she has appeared on JASH TV's ‘Future Garbage,’ and in digital sketches for WhoHaha and Comedy Central Digital. She hosts and produces Chatterbox Comedy Night, one of the best shows in Los Angeles... county. She is one of the hosts and producers of the virally successful ‘What's Your Sign?’ podcast, profiled in NYLON, featured in Refinery 29, Vulture, the AV Club’s Podmass, VICE’s nbga and more! She appeared twice at this year’s Chicago Podcast Festival - as a host for ‘What’s Your Sign?’ and as a guest for ‘High & Mighty with Jon Gabrus.’ Chanoux showcased her feminine and unrelenting style of comedy at the 2016 Hell Yes Fest in New Orleans, she was a stand-out performer at the 2017 AstroChella Comedy and Music Festival, and she was featured at the Broke LA 2018 comedy stage. 

She reviews comedy show and open mic bathrooms on her blog “Bathroom Humor,” which bathroom-goers call a must-read.

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